Paranormal Romance Author

The Angel Crusades


Come enter a vivid world where the immortal fight between angels and demons have spilled over from their realms to Earth. Their presence has triggered psychic powers in many humans, and these newly gifted individuals are struggling with their new reality. Where demons aren't necessarily evil and angels aren't necessarily good, how will three powerful empaths learn to handle - and love - the complex and supernatural men in their lives? 



Two groups, the empaths and the tattooed assassins, have joined together to attempt to wrest control of the city of Chicago from the evil demon sorcerer who invaded and took it over ten years before. Andie Oster simply wants to focus on the mission at hand and try to keep herself and her friends alive, challenges made harder by the fact that their new assassin teammates and their commander don’t seem to trust the empaths. 

This is especially true of their field leader Dante, a magnetic killer with dark eyes, an insane body, and emotions locked behind a tight wall that no empath can reach. Andie is instantly drawn to Dante, and can’t stop herself from hooking up with him even when he’s dismissive, behavior she’d never put up with before in a guy. 

What was it about him she couldn’t resist, and why was she sure he was more than he appeared? 

Assassin's soul is an 80k paranormal romance about inexplicable connection in high-tension situations with empaths, assassins and demons. Guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger, explicit sex.



Tina Eddings is an empath and a librarian who wants to focus on her beloved job and avoid romantic relationships of any kind; trying to get intimate with someone while knowing their every thought and mood is no fun. But then she hooks up with the stupidly handsome and annoyingly arrogant redhead Gavin Barrett, and before she knows it he’s showing up at her work and making her suspicious about who - and what - he really is. In a city fighting over demon rights and baffled by the daily murders of demon supporters, how can Tina be sure the jerk hottie she can’t stop touching isn’t deeply involved?

Empath’s Curse is an 80k word novel about paranormal love and the frustrations of chemistry and pleasure in the face of disagreements and lies. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, humor and action, sensual sex and emotional honesty.



He betrayed them all and broke her heart. 

Now he and his smile are back, pulling her into the shadowy world of demons and angels that is New Chicago. 

Can she and those she loves survive her traitorous passion?

Hazel Kalford, an incredibly powerful empath, thought that she'd moved on from her infatuation with the beautiful bad boy who broke her heart. But now he's in her city, teasing, charming, and dragging her into the demon underworld. 

In a reborn Chicago where demons and angels are fighting for supremacy, Hazel has to decide if she can trust him before the war consumes them all. 

Betrayer's Knife is a 72k word novel about attraction between former teammates and romantic redemption. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating. Humor and action, demons and angels.