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Blood Threads Excerpt

Blood Threads - an Excerpt

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This is a sneak peak of my next book, Blood Threads, from my Star Seamstress series! Please excuse all typos, as it's a work in progress. Blood Threads will be out in early August. 


Adin looked at me, his eyes a bright red, and I whimpered and scrambled away from him. No, I hadn't wanted to be saved by him again, but here he was, magnificent and terrifying.

And wow, was he both in spades. His strong features, highlighted only by the lamps that illuminated the river embankment, were otherworldly, and I was struck by how fluid and catlike his movements were. This was both sexy and truly scary.

And yet, while I was frightened out of my mind by the fact I was alone with a vampire, he'd also just saved me.

Then, as he took a step towards me with a snarl on his face and I caught the glint of his fangs, my emotions went right back to 'terror' again.

"Why are you running around alone at night, you fool?" He growled, and I heard something inhuman there, a second tone that was like a purr from a demon cat.

"I - I was afraid. I saw something in the club," I whispered.

His lip curled up at one side. They would be such beautiful lips if he wasn’t so terrifying. "Yes, I know - Leslie and his toy, enjoying the illicit thrill of sharing blood in public. So transgressive."

Okay, now he was officially pissing me off. "And this is so different than you chomping on Erica in the park, how, exactly?"

His smile dropped and he narrowed his eyes at me. "That was a necessity. She saved my life."

"My point stands."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and then I wondered what the hell I was doing sassing an angry, crimson-eyed vampire. Still, he'd just chastised me for being out alone at night and saved me from a now comatose attacker, which wasn't the behavior of a man who was just angling for a blood transfusion.

That gave me just a little bit of relief, but judging by his expression when he opened his eyes, he might consider killing me anyway. "You must be more careful, Miss Geroux. I am tiring of keeping tabs on you, and your enemies have an endless supply of minions to send your way."

"Who's my enemy? And what happens to this guy, what with his face bash-" I stopped, turning to see there was no prone figure on the ground, only a bloodstain where he'd been. "Where is he?!" I turned back to Adin. "Did he run away?"

"No, he's been called back to his masters. They use a deceptively simple spell to make sure once one of their own is killed or knocked out that they return home."

"What, are they wizards or something?"

"Of a sort." He held out a hand to me, clearly to help me up.

"Are you going to kill me?" I asked suspiciously.

He rolled his eyes. "If I was, do you think I'd wait this long? That's rather inefficient."

"Maybe you're just fucking with me; aren't vampires famous for that?"

"I could be." He smiled, and it would be hollywood perfect if it wasn't also so blood-chilling at the same time. "But I can kill you just as easily sitting down or standing up. You might as well stand to die."

"Asshole," I muttered as he pulled me up. "oh!" I hadn't expected his strength and stumbled forward when I got to my feet, sending me flying into his chest and clutching at his black shirt.

His arms, in a move that felt instinctual, wrapped around my waist, and there was something hungry in his gaze. I looked up at him with wide, scared eyes, wondering if I'd just stumbled right into his trap.

But, oh, I wasn't sure I minded right then, the alcohol running through my veins allowing my hormones to override my survival instinct.

Adin's chest felt absolutely amazing against my breasts and torso, broad and muscular and solid, and there was that smell again that reminded me of mellowed wood, and leather. It was delicious, and I wanted to lick him. My hand clutched tighter at his shirt, and I gasped when his hand tightened around my waist in response. I knew I should be running away from him, but he was actually making me feel better, and safer, and my drunk mind was genuinely telling me that I could do a lot worse in savior monsters except this guy.

His red eyes glittered. "You are a clumsy fool, you know that?" Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that. he hated me.

I narrowed my eyes, tired of him insulting me. "How can you blame me? Being in Maywen without knowing what's happening here is like being told to be a ballet dancer without training. I'm currently pressed up against a red-eyed vampire after being jumped by a teleporting creep in a hood, and you ask why I'm clumsy? Really? I'm so very sorry for not being a smooth and graceful princess during the most trying period of my life. I know I have absolutely nothing at all to be taken aback, shocked, or stressed out by."

Adin tilted his head at me, a little bit thick black hair falling over his forehead. "You're awfully mouthy for someone pressed up against an evil bloodsucker." I swear his hands had drifted a little lower so they were hovering right above the curve of my ass.

"It's like you said, right? if you're going to kill me, it doesn't matter where I am, whether on the ground, standing up, or in your arms." His proximity was making my head spinny and my body ache, and I wrinkled my nose. "Do you vampires have some sort of weird pheromones you excrete that make humans more attracted to you? Because there's no way I should be this turned on, knowing you're some sort of monster."

"Not really, no. We are left to our devices when it comes to charm." His tone was steady, but something about the spark in his eyes and the way his leg moved forward, gently parting my legs, said maybe I shouldn't have mentioned my attraction to him. "And I wouldn't waste my magic on someone as infuriating as you."

"If I'm so infuriating, why are still holding on to me?" I challenged, since now his arm was now like an iron vice around my waist. I was pretty sure I couldn't go anywhere at the moment if I wanted to. "You really are creepy. "

"I thought we already established that. And don't worry, I'll let you go soon - but first I want to feel your first official creation?"

"My first... creation?"

Instead of answering he brought his free hand to my hip, and I let out a whimper as he drew his hand up the fabric of my skirt. "Interesting," His long fingers danced along my waistband. "It's very simple."

"I haven't sewn in a while, what do you expect? Oh," I breathed as he let my waist go and now had his hands on both sides of my waist. He was bunching up the fabric, , and also letting his touch dance awfully close to my ass again.

His touch was hot and amazing, and I swear the red of his eyes had deepened as they moved down to my lips.


Blood Threads will be out in August, 2018! 


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