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My second book, Empath's Curse, is alive!


Now we're on to Tina's story, and learning a great deal more about angels! This one was the most fun for me to write, largely because I love Gavin and Tina's relationship so much. 

You can buy Empath's Curse at the retailer of your choice and read more about it below: 

Nothing sucks more than when that crazy hot guy in the club you just hooked up with

1. is incredibly arrogant, 
2. ignores your opinions, and
3. might just be an effin' divine being.

Tina Eddings is an empath and a librarian who wants to focus on her beloved job and avoid romantic relationships of any kind; trying to get intimate with someone while knowing their every thought and mood is no fun. But then she hooks up with a stupidly handsome and annoyingly arrogant redhead, and before she knows it he’s showing up at her work and making her suspicious about who - and what - he really is. In a city fighting over demon rights and baffled by the daily murders of demon supporters, how can Tina be sure the jerk hottie she can’t stop touching isn’t deeply involved?

Empath’s Curse is a 80,000 word novel about paranormal love and the frustrations of chemistry and pleasure in the face of disagreements and lies. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, humor and action, sensuality and emotional honesty.

Emily Glezen