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Music and Soul

So I created a couple of music playlists for Assassin's Soul, crafted from songs I love that I think reflect the tone of the book and how I felt about the story as I wrote. There's two of them, quite different, but reflect two of my Musical food groups.

The Earthly Plane:… is a collection of evocative pop jams, winding through the tangled web of Andie and Dante's relationship. Lorde, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa... fun but heartfelt, full of sensuality, this would also be an awesome workout playlist.

Then comes the reflection of my years goth-clubbing, the darker and more obscure Playground of the Arcane:…

It begins and ends with Depeche Mode, because they're my favorite band and it thus *has* to. These are seductive, dark, sometimes snarling, sometimes yearning tunes that have all meant a lot to me at some point. It's also what I see as the undercurrent as the world of The Angel Crusades.

Give a listen and let me know what you think! ^____^

Emily Glezen