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7/22/2018- My new series, The Star Seamstress, kicks off in late August with Blood Threads - read more about it below!

5/20/2018 - Come check out and vote on my Romantic Serial, Nightshade Lessons, where YOU decide what happens next! Will Naomi survive her freshman year at the strange and surreal Maywen University, and find love amid the madness? 



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The Star Seamstress - Book One

Hunted by Necromancers, stalked by Vampires, loathed by Witches.

Two weeks in town and I’m already on everyone’s - and everything's -  hit list.

I’ve just moved to a northeastern college town looking to escape my explosive past in LA. I just want to be normal and anonymous.

But before I can even settle in I’m witnessing a creepy kidnapping by hooded figures and clashing with this hot dude, Adin, who sometimes wears Victorian clothing without irony. Adin scares the bejeesus out of everyone but keeps showing up in my general vicinity, mostly at night. Yes, it’s great when he saves my butt from more of those hooded weirdos, and he’s stupidly attractive and kissable, but I’d really like to know what’s going on.

And when my coworkers talk about ‘daywalkers’, ‘shifters’, and something about ‘magic sewing’ I just think they’re nuts. Except, wait, I seem to have the ability to create sentient clothes that repels magic. Everyone wants a piece of me, and I don’t even know what I am.

Why did I leave my lucrative cosplay and social media life behind? I can’t even get a cup of tea in this place without getting threatened by witches.

Maybe I should have stayed in LA. At this rate, Maywen’s going to kill me.

Blood Threads is a 95k paranormal romance and urban fantasy and the first in a three book series. Includes vampires, witches, necromancers, shifters, and talking bodies of water. Steamy sexual situations, no cheating and a healthy dose of humor.

Blood Threads will be available for purchase at all major ebook retailers in late August 2018! 


Come enter a vivid world where the immortal fight between angels and demons have spilled over from their realms to Earth. Their presence has triggered psychic powers in many humans, and these newly gifted individuals are struggling with their new reality. Where demons aren't necessarily evil and angels aren't necessarily good, how will three powerful empaths learn to handle - and love - the complex and supernatural men in their lives?

A complete series - read more here!